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I Accomplished Things I Never Thought I Could!

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From left, Dorn and Marcella Schuffman listen to former student Brittany Crowly share about her promotion

 “I Accomplished Things that I Never Thought I Could!”

Eleven months ago Brittany Crowley wasn’t laughing. “Everything seemed out of control and I was losing hope,” Brittany said. 

Yesterday the Extra Mile graduate smiled out loud, sharing news of a work promotion and a new house   to her former coaches. 

“I wanted to learn how to budget money when I came to Love INC.

I was living paycheck to paycheck, and whenever I had any extra money, I would buy whatever I wanted. Paying for future needs wasn’t in the picture.” 

Learning that Brittany was driving on bald tires, Love INC linked her with Firestone Complete Auto Care, who donated four tires. 

Then she met two volunteers who changed her life - Extra Mile coaches Dorn and Marcella Schuman. 

After a month of financial tutoring, the trio walked together for two months examining every purchase while Brittany developed better money handling habits. “I learned to decipher between needs and wants. They supported me in every aspect of my life. They were my biggest motivators.” 

It hasn’t been easy but the rewards leave Brittany delighted. “I just want other people to be a success. There are so many adults who don’t know how to budget. Once you know (about budgeting) that’s half the battle.” 

The battle’s not over yet but the mother of two sees many more victories than defeats. She recently

received a promotion at the American Red Cross where she’s responsible for many on-location blood drives. “I came out of that interview feeling like a million dollars!” 

On Mother’s Day she found out her family could move into a house. “Our own place with four bedrooms, an acre of land, and enough room for my dog and a coop  for chickens so I can have my own eggs!” Brittany mused aloud. 

Brittany’s future is much brighter than it was a year ago. “I do have my head above water which is nice, but I’d like to get my whole torso out of water, and I’m getting there. It took me years and years to get myself into this mess and it will take years and years to get myself out. That’s what I tell myself when I getting down on myself.” 

“I want to teach this class one day because the program is so great. My kids will learn what I’ve learned so they won’t struggle the way I did.”