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Moving in Without a Box

Submitted by admin on Sat, 08/05/2017 - 01:05

Moving In Without a Box

When Nathaniel B. entered his new apartment at Paquin Tower, his biggest possession was the smile on his face.


Nathaniel had been living at the Salvation Army's Harbor House and didn't have any furniture. The disabled veteran moved into a spotless, one-bedroom apartment at Paquin Tower in June. And for a very short while, it was a very empty, spotless apartment.


But thanks to the Voluntary Action Center, Memorial Baptist Church, and Love INC, the empty space quickly became a home. VAC helped with housing deposits, Memorial Baptist furnished the kitchen, bathroom, and the Love Seat provided a free bed, box spring, bed frame, kitchen table and chairs, several lamps and a bedside table and...a love seat!


Nathaniel loves the view from his 15th-floor window but with his apartment furnished, the interior view looks great too! Nathaniel's life was cloudier just six months ago when he spoke with Cynde Postma, a Love INC service coordinator.


"Nathaniel found out that we helped his daughter, so he called us to see if we could help him too," Cynde explained. "We connected him to the Voluntary Action Center and the folks at Memorial Baptist Church. It was their unconditional love that saved him. Those guys just loved on him." 


"We just filled in the gaps for Nathaniel; he worked really hard to overcome a lot of obstacles in his way," said Cynde.


"There's nothing like having your own key to your own place," Nathaniel said. After spending two years in the hospital, a nursing home, with family, and finally six months at Harbor House, he was ready to come home. "The apartment is working out great and the furniture's fine. It doesn't get better than this."