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Group Volunteer Ideas

 Small Group and Youth Volunteer Ideas



Support The Love Seat*

 (furniture/clothing ministry and resale store)

·        Schedule a Saturday work day (pick-up/delivery of items, sorting /cleaning donations).
·        Distribute door hangers in neighborhoods to encourage donations.
·        Collect items for needy families – assemble specialty boxes (gently used - kitchen items, bathroom items, linens).
·        Organize a furniture/housewares drive at your church – Love INC truck could be parked on the church parking lot on a Sunday or youth group evening to serve as receptacle.
·        Decorate pillow cases and fill with bedtime items for children (book/journal, toothbrush and toothpaste).
*Items suitable for donation include: gently used furniture, appliances, housewares, linens, clothing, shoes and baby items.      
Support Side by Side Focused Coaching
(budgeting, job/housing search, life purpose, adult tutoring)
·        Support budget counseling
o   Cut out newspaper/magazine coupons to give to participants
o   Make Budget System Wallets (using scrapbook paper and yarn)
o   Collect small calculators, pencils and erasers for participants use
·        Support job/housing search
o   Email craigslist and newspaper classified pages for job leads and housing ($600 and under) to:
o    Collect and bring the Sunday Tribune classifieds to Love INC with a note of
encouragement on it.
·        Support budget counseling
o   Collect calendar and/or planners for participant’s use
o   Find creative ways to share inspirational scriptures and quotes about life purpose and calling, God’s love and plans for each person (bookmarks or crafts)
Support Extra Mile Extended Coaching
(6 month program - money management and relationship building, uses point system/rewards)
·        Make Jars of Love family conversation starters, see link below.
·        Make or decorate prayer journals to be used by adults and/or children.
·        Make booklets of favorite healthy/inexpensive recipes.
·        Make booklets of favorite family fun activity.
·        Create reward boxes (cleaning or hygiene supplies, family fun items –approximate value per box $25).
·        Collect gently used devotional books (adult and children) for participants.
Support Love INC Clearinghouse
(hub for connecting those in need with resources and volunteer opportunities vary based on requests from those in need.)
·        Yard work, moving, cleaning and minor repairs (elderly, disabled, single mom)
·        Meal preparation (illness, emergency); holiday food.
·        Transportation
    • Have group members ride the city bus together and try to learn to read a bus schedule/learn which parts of town have no bus service. This could be tied to a fundraiser to purchase bus passes, gasoline cards, or repair cars or bicycles. 
    • Have a drive for gently used bicycles, strollers and car seats. 
Develop a Gap Ministry
Love INC has identified a number of gaps in services in the city and would be happy to help your group find a very strategic way to be of the most help.  Examples of gap ministries Love INC has partnered with local churches to create: tots clothing closet, baby equipment closet, hygiene products closet, bunk-bed frame ministry, job club, laundry love ministry, sewing center and The Caring People, single mom support groups.
We want to find the perfect match with your interests, talents and time. Contact us at 573.256-7662 Ext 21 or or learn more at  Volunteer application required and volunteer training is available for all positions.