Puzzle with many helping parts

The path to a better tomorrow begins with a conversation…

The most important step in moving out of poverty is the first step and at Love INC we begin with a conversation in our Clearinghouse. Many people are looking for a few quick solutions but after an extensive intake interview, our staff can create an action plan that will provide steps to a better tomorrow.

Different people face different challenges but most solutions start with accurate information. Love INC’s Information Center stores more than 120 documents for handling life’s issues in Columbia. Current and concise infomation about local housing, employment and transportation can make life better in the long run. Need a free cell phone? Want to know where to find food assistance? Looking for ways to make your budget stretch farther? Love INC has information to share.

Having the right information isn’t enough; our coaches help people create new habits that improve their lives. Loving and experienced volunteers provide encouragement though our coaching programs. Many of our clients say the difference between achieving heir goals and quitting were encouraging words from someone who was there to care. Learning how to budget, write a resume, or buy a home is much less stressful and more successful with a partner.

At Love INC, we know that success is a step-by-step process and we enjoy the journey with every client, every step of the way!