The First Step to Affordable Housing Starts Here


Low credit ratings, no money for deposits, and an inability to develop a budget keep many people in substandard housing. Often, it’s a matter of one step forward and two steps back. It’s hard to have hope when your goal is slipping aways from you.

Transitional housing is a proven model for moving  families  from homelessness to self-sufficiency and Love INC’s coaches prepare people for home ownership.

Columbia’s five-year Consolidated Plan for increased facilities for homeless and near homeless people has high priority says Randy Cole, Columbia’s Housing  Program Supervisor.

Some former transitional house tenants sau it best:

Samuel, Compass House Resident – “Being in the Compass House has helped us save so much money.

We wouldn’t be able to have the money to rent a house or apartment before, but now we will be ready.”

Myria, Compass House Resident – “It was healing because God made me face things I needed to face and gave me people to face them with me. This helped me open up and learn what God wanted to teach me and not hang on to what I thought I knew. Most importantly this program gives people a glimpse of what God is, which is what a lot of us broken people need.”