Gap Ministries

“Gap” ministries focus on unmet needs in Columbia.

When we receive multiple calls for the same need, we share this information to our partner churches. Unmet needs often find a “good match” with the current gifts and talents in a particular church.

Current gap ministries include:

  • Crisis funds
  • Holiday/home delivered food
  • Home/car repairs
  • Moving
  • Refugee
  • Handcrafted bunk-bed frames
  • Tot’s Clothing Closet
  • Hygiene products closet
  • Christian Fellowship Church
  • Sew You Know sewing instruction center
  • Laundry Love (Laundromat vouchers)
  • The Caring People single mom support group network

Many churches provide food pantries, transportation to services, and various support groups. For more information, call 573.256.7662