We’re in the business of loving people…

Love means listening without judgment, facing reality, finding hope, and partnering for change.

Business means receiving, organizing, and deploying resources and volunteers in Columbia.


Love INC – transforming lives and community in the name of Christ.

Our mission is vital because…


  • 24% of Columbians live in poverty, compared to 20% of Missourians.
  • Boone County has the 3rd highest income inequality ratio in the state.
  • 41% of Columbia Public School students receive free/reduced-cost lunches.
  • Those receiving help from Love INC are usually female, (76%) unmarried, (83%) minority, (61%) and are raising children. (60%)

Love INC fosters relationships by:

  • raising community awareness of the value of caring for the disadvantaged.
  • providing resources for churches to effectively and compassionately respond to people in need
  • providing specific opportunities for people to live out their faith
  • connecting like-minded people to create strategies to resolve the complex issues related to poverty


  • We only provide financial assistance:
  • after establishment a relationship and verifying need.
  • to help with unexpected expenses in a otherwise sustainable situation.
  • to transition struggling families into sustainable living.