Loving one another means we have to get close to people. It means we have to walk in faith, knowing that God will lead the way as we help each other. Volunteering can mean helping sort clothing at The Love Seat, helping someone learn how to budget, or repair bicycles so someone has transportation to get to their job. Sometimes you work with many people; sometimes it’s just you, God, and a person who wants to grow.



More than 24,000 people live in poverty in Columbia – that’s 24,000 reasons to pray.

Join us in asking God for help to effectively help our neighbors in need.


We are not a quick-fix, social service center. Though crisis is what brings many people to Love INC, we concentrate on long-term poverty solutions. All our successful clients say that relationships with volunteers and staff were the reasons they didn’t give up.

Your generous monthly or annual donations allow Love INC to have a dedicated staff and a modest office. The more resources we have, the more people can be helped in Columbia.