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Information Available From Love INC

Basic Needs (other than housing)  
  About Love INC
  Classes & Coaching Brochure
  Clothing Resources
  Community Food Assistance
  Emergency Phone Numbers
  Love INC Process and Services
  Love Inc. Clearinghouse & Church Gap Ministries
  Medical and Dental Care Services
  Mental Health Resource Providers
  Utility Bill Assistance
Budgeting & Money Saving Tips  
  Best Used Appliance Stores in Columbia
  Boone County Financial Hospital Assistance
  Columbia Funeral Service Providers
  Cost of Moving
  Cost of Pet Ownership
  End of Life Options and Expenses
  Financial Recovery Resources
  Free & Reduced Landline & Affordable Cell Options
  Free Tax Preparation Handout
  Healthy Inexpensive Eating
  Helpful Home and Body Tips for Frugal Living
  Low Cost Internet Options and Cable
  Monthly Spending Plan Worksheet
  Tips and Steps for Buying a Used Car
Children and Families  
  Churches with Ministry for Deaf/and or Blind
  Community Children's Resources
  Day Care Services
  Is Your Child Ready to be Home Alone?
  Parenting Handbook
  Pregnant Mother's Resource Guide
  Surrendering a Pet in Columbia
  What Should You Do if You Suspect Your Child is Using Drugs
  Youth After School Programs Resource Sheet
  Associate Degree in Nursing
  Educational Opportunities
  Guide for Getting Into College
  How to Apply for College
  How to Pay for College and Textbooks
  National Career Readiness Certificate
  Pharmacy Technician Educational Source
  Resources for Cheap Textbooks for College Students
Employment Handouts and Worksheets  
  CAN Programs
  Cleaning Services
  Columbia Car Wash Companies Hiring
  Community Resources for Job Seekers
  Employment and Job Training for Youth
  Frequently Hiring - Will Hire Felons
  How to Apply for Jobs with University & State
  Job Search for Ex-Offenders
  Labor Ready Information
  Lawncare and Landscaping Services
  Restaurants in Columbia
  Roofing and Cleaning Roofs
  Temp Agencies
  Tough Economy Job Search Strategies
Housing Information  
  Emergency Transitional Recovery & Reentry Housing
  Extended Stay Places and Rates
  Homeownership Assistance Programs
  How to Deal with Mold in Your Home
  Inexpensive Apartments in Columbia
  Jefferson City Rentals
  Long Term Shelters for Women and Children
  Low Income Housing
  Mid-Missouri Legal Services Renters' Guide
  Mobile Home Parks in Columbia
  Oxford Housing in Columbia
  Pest Control Options
  Renters and Advice Guide
  Reverse Mortgages
  Section 8 Housing Options
  Tenant Excellence Course for Client
  Guide for Immigrants
  Christian Music and Inspiration
  Hearing God
  Love of God Calendar
  Non-Sunday Church Services
  Area Legal Resources/Representating Yourself in Court
  Child Support
  Missouri Landlord Tenant Law
  Reinstatement of MO Driver's License
Recreation and Wellness  
  ACA Healthcare Information
  Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers
  Celebrate Recovery Brochure
  Christian Counselors in Columbia
  Church Sponsored Support Groups
  Common Health Conditions-When to Seek Medical Help
  Effects of Marijuana Use on Adults & Adolescents
  Electriconic Cigarettes
  Inexpensive Family Recreation
  Mental Health & Recovery Support Groups List
  Missouri Teen Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Centers
  Recommended Christian Narcotics Anonymous Groups
  Residential Care Facilities that take Medicaid
  Smoking Cessation Resources
  Prison Transition Checklist for Ex-offenders
  Prison Transition Checklist for Volunteers
  Reentry Encouragement
  Conflict Resolution
  Safe People Resource Sheet
  Verbally Abusive Relationships
Senior, Disabled & Veteran Information  
  Nursing Homes
  Senior Services
  Services for People with Disabilities
  Services for the Deaf
  Social Security Disability Benefits
  Supplemental Security Income and Working
  Veteran Resources
  Working and Social Security Benefits
  Budgeting for the Purchase of a Car
  Churches Providing Transportation
  How to get a bus pass from VAC
  How To Ride the City Bus
  Reliable Used Car Source
  Transportation Options
  Yearly Car Maintenance Check List