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Pat McMurry, Executive Director

Pat is co-founder of Love INC and served as Board Chair from 2007-2016.  He has encouraged pastors and church city-wide relationships since the 1990's.  His work includes March for Jesus, House of the Lord Ministries, K-life, Pentecost Sunday Service, Columbia Area Pastor's Fellowship, and Trinity Ministries. Pat and his wife, Monica, have six children and three grandchildren.


 Jane Williams, Co-Founder, Program Director, MSW

Jane is a long-time social worker. Prior to Love INC, she co-founded Granny's House and Center for Women's Ministries. Jane is a field instructor for the University of Missouri School of Social Work and benevolence director at Christian Fellowship Church. Jane's husband, Scott, She has been a foster parent and active in prison ministry.



Aaron Harris, Operations Director

Aaron graduated from the University of Missouri with a Master of Accountancy. Prior to joining Love INC, he spent 12 years as an accountant for companies in St. Louis, New York City, and Columbia. He and his wife, Maureen, have adopted four children through foster care. He is an active member at Karis Church.



Julie Walker, Extra Mile Homes Coordinator

Julie is a retired public school gifted education teacher. She has served as a Court Appointed Special Adocate for children in forster care. She is a talented worship leader and currently attends First Baptist Church.




 Kelly VanDoren, Extra Mile Coordinator

Kelli's academic background is in engineeering but her passion lies in working with people.  She's a certified life coach and began volunteering as an Extra Mile coach. Her husband, Steve, is a biochemistry professor at Mizzou. They are active at the International Community Church and have four children.



Mary Wardenburg, Office Manager

Mary's professional background is in computer programming, database design and development, and administrative assistance. Mary has three children, seven grandchildren, and one great grandson.




Sherri Hockett

 Sherri Hockett, The Love Seat Resale Store Manager 

Sherri has many years of experience as a succesful retail business owner. She and her husband, Dave, have tree children and are active members at Christian Fellowship Church. 



 Anna Jayamanne, Clearinghouse Coordinator

Anna has a Bachelor's degree in English and has worked for several mid-Missouri non-profit agencies. Anna and her husband, AJ, are active members at City of Hope Church.   




Cynde Patrick, Service Coordinator

Cynde has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Missouri and is an experienced case manager. She enjoys visiting many local churches with her husband, Lance, who attends Central Christian College of the Bible and often provides puplit supply.