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Who and How to Refer

Love INC Services – Making Referrals


We establish relationships with those in need and prioritize individuals referred from churches and community agencies. We typically provide financial assistance only to those who engage in one of our relationship-based programs. We look for individuals who want to move forward in life and are willing to try new strategies and meet new people.

A listing of specific services we provide follows.

Needs Assessment and Follow Up

Our intake workers use a six-page script for a telephone interview that addresses a wide range of topics (housing, family/support network, income, health/mental health, education/employment, religious affiliation, goals and barriers to achieving them). Our goal is to spend time with the individual, establish a relationship and try to discover underlying issues contributing to the presenting problem so these can be addressed. An intervention plan is established that may include referrals to community agencies/churches, ongoing contact and/or follow up depending on client need and interest.

  •          Who to Refer: Individuals who could benefit from an assessment/action plan and particularly those who desire to look beyond resolution of immediate need to long term solutions. We are often asked to assess a situation for a local church and (with client permission) work together with that church to find a solution/create an action plan. 


We offer prayer at the conclusion of our intake interview. We also have volunteers available to offer prayer upon request over the telephone, through a personal appointment or during a home visit.

  •          Who to Refer: Anyone who has requsted prayer. 


Love INC has created over 120 FAQs based on requests made to our clearinghouse. We can provide electronic or paper copies as needed. 

  •          Who to Refer: Anyone seeking information available at Love INC. 
Connection to Local Churches

We maintain a church directory and are working toward identifying a contact person in each church who can ensure a warm welcome to our clients if they choose to attend. Many local churches offer transportation and have support groups and programs that address specific needs/stages of life.  Several churches have partnered with us to create “gap” ministries to meet specific needs (baby equipment, pre-school clothing, hygiene/laundry supplies, reentry welcome packs) and we provide screening and direct referrals.

  •          Who to Refer: Individuals who are looking for a local church that is a good fit for them and/or those who could benefit from the relational support offered by church support groups and programs as well as individuals needing specific items offered through gap ministries.

The Love Seat Furniture Bank

 Basic necessity furniture and housewares are provided at no cost to certain individuals/families. Availability of items depends on donations received and delivery volunteers available. A screening interview is required.

  •          Who to Refer: Those in transition within the last three months (from a shelter, transitional housing, foster care, or incarceration or due to fire or disaster or refugee status) or those who are in extremely dire need. In all cases we will ask for verification information and require that you have made a home visit before approval.
Living Large for Real Life Skills Classes

Living Large is a free 12-week program of classes and relationship building opportunities. The two-hour program is held on Thursday evenings twice a year (Sept – Dec and Feb – May). In the first hour, participants chose from four practical living options: employment search, money management, child birth or personal growth (wide range of topics and guest speakers). In the second hour they have the option of hearing a guest speaker tell their personal story (typically one of overcoming obstacles to move forward in life, often faith-related). Childcare is provided and transportation is available upon request.

  •          Who to Refer: Anyone who could benefit from the practical living options or is interested in expanding their social network or receiving spiritual encouragement.

Side by Side Focused Coaching

Clients are matched with volunteers who can assist in the following areas:

Budget Counseling – 1-3 sessions (basic principles, identifying needs/wants, developing a spending plan, frugal living tips)
  •          Who to Refer: Anyone who would benefit and is interested. 
Employment Search – individualized support as needed until employment obtained (tips for success, resume/application assistance, job leads, networking help). Vouchers for professional clothing from First Impressions are offered to those who need interview clothing.
  •          Who to Refer: We recommend Job Point job readiness class and Career Center programs to all our clients but recognize some individuals benefit from additional help and encouragement particularly if they have barriers to employment.
Life Coaching – 3 sessions that include personal assessments (strengths/personality,  life satisfaction/values, career aptitude), goal setting and spiritual encouragement (if desired).
  •          Who to Refer: Anyone who would benefit and is interested but particularly helpful for those in a time of transition.

Extra Mile Extended Coaching

Extra Mile is a four-month individual coaching program focused on achieving financial self-sufficiency and building relationships. Participants meet weekly with a volunteer coach. A high level of accountability regarding spending and financial situation is required. A point system and rewards are used. A screening interview is required.

  •          Who to Refer: Individuals who are serious about moving forward in life and willing to learn new strategies and meet new people.



Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available on a very limited basis and offered only in conjunction with participation in other Love INC programs. Our intake interview helps us get acquainted and discover if and how we can assist. 

  •          Who to Refer: Those who are interested in getting involved in one of our relational programs.


When you call Love INC at 573-256-7662, you have the following options:

1 - Description of Love INC Services

2 - Voicemail for agency and church staff to leave requests

3 - Voicemail for clients to leave requests (other than furniture - all furniture requests must come from agencies/churches)

21 - Direct line to the office manager