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 Love INC staff do not impose their beliefs on anyone who simply needs clothes, furniture or other practical assistance, but neither do they turn down an opportunity to pray for clients when asked.


 Discovering personal potential, developing skills and abilities, and seeing a way forward, inspires both the helper, and the helped.

Living Our Beliefs

 Love INC provides countless opportunities to serve our neighbors, put our faith into action and connect with others who embrace this lifestyle.

Thinking About Ourselves Less

 It is when we begin to put other's needs ahead of our own that we discover what Jesus meant by, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." It is Love INC's desire to help promote the growing culture of compassion in Columbia.


 Love INC's "single point of entry" provides needs assessment, verification and resource coordination to help churches best help people and avoid duplication of effort.

National Network

 Love INC, with its current 148 local affiliates, serves as the domestic arm of World Vision International. Its 33-year history has provided the experience needed to develop replicable "best practices" for serving those in need.

Strategic Partnerships

 From the perspective of a central clearing house, Love INC can identify gaps in services in Columbia, then work to partner with volunteers, churches and agencies to address those needs.

Redemption: Nothing Wasted

Whether it's recycling furniture, helping volunteers utilize past experiences and skills, or giving hope to those in distress, redemption is prized by the Love INC model. We value people and things often dismissed or forgotten.

New Friends

Relationships have great power to change lives. Love INC seeks to connect people who would otherwise never meet. When we move out of our comfort zones and allow ourselves to become friends, we are enriched by our differences and unique contributions.
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