Life’s complicated,

but you’re not alone.

Love's the answer.

Life’s complicated,

but you’re not alone.

Love's the answer.

Life’s complicated,

but you’re not alone.

Love's the answer.

We love people forward…

There’s not a simple solution to poverty. Every person faces different challenges. Some people need information while others need assistance but most of the time they need both. Having all the puzzle pieces isn’t enough if you don’t know what the finished jigsaw puzzle looks like.

A caring relationship becomes a bridge between today’s difficulties and tomorrow’s successes. Encouragement and love are what people need as well as practical information and resources.

Love is the answer. At Love INC, Columbia volunteers and staff lovingly help anyone in need. Sometimes we provide resources, other times we provide counsel, but always in the name of Christ.

Moving In Without A Box

Nathaniel was struggling with challenges on several fronts. Love INC and volunteers from Memorial Baptist Church helped him find a home and a spiritual community. “Love Stories” like this one are written by hundreds of volunteers at The Love Seat and Love INC every year. Neighbors are changing their neighbors lives everyday in Columbia. Read the rest of the story here.

Get your Linking for

Love Toolkit today!


The Linking for Love Toolkit is Columbia’s most comprehensive directory of resources for people in need. It includes a complete church directory, resource directory, and a clear vision for helping Columbians in crisis and transition.

Read it online here.

Download a pdf copy to read later here. (9 MB)

You Can Help Panhandlers!

Every day we see people in need and often don’t help because we don’t know what to do. God’s call to love one another doesn’t stop when we don’t have an answer. God usually uses many people to change lives for the better. Ever feel awkward when someone asks for help? Don’t worry about what you can’t do – just do what you can do.

Next time you see someone in need, consider these suggestions:

Pray   Ask God for direction in each circumstance.

Inform   Columbia has many resources for the needy.

Engage  Friendliness gives dignity to those feeling isolated.

Respect   Treat everyone as a person created in God’s image.

Consider   Give a sandwich, bus ticket, or gasoline as an alternative to cash.

Exercise Caution   Stay in public places with others in sight.

Donate to organizations focused on caring for those in need.